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Science SLAM Moldova is a contest where researchers and innovators explain their own research or projects for everyone’s sake. Each participant has 10 minutes to convince visitors that his / her presentation is the best and is worth voting, and at the end the audience chooses the winner.

The event is a platform for communication between people in science and innovation with the general public. They have the opportunity to share their own ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, and visitors get more knowledge from different fields.

In Moldova, the first edition of Science SLAM Moldova was organized in 2014, and the winner became the doctor in biology, Iulia Iaţco.

After a nearly one year break, Science SLAM Moldova returned with new forces. The best slammer of the second edition, which took place on May 28, 2015, became the ethologist Dorian Furtuna who spoke of “Our all-Aggressive Aggression”.

During the 3rd SLAM Moldova Science Contest, held on 8 October 2015, the audience chose two winners: Alexadr Iscenco and Alexandru Gheţan. Alexandr Iscenco explained to the general public what influence 3D technologies have and how they can develop people’s lives. At the same time, Alexandru Gheţan demonstrated why the corruption in the Republic of Moldova has reached such a level and how this phenomenon was fought in the past.

At the 4th edition of Science SLAM Moldova, which took place on December 10, 2015, the struggle was between fields such as agriculture, IT, robotics and psychology. However, the audience decided that the winner of the evening would become Ecaterina Baba, a high school student of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, together with the Robotron robot presented in the competition.

The fight for the best slummer of 2015 was given among the best participants of the four semifinals, and the winning sea became Julia Iatco. Julia went home with the Science SLAM Moldova trophy, but also a gift certificate with which she can go free for five days at any scientific conference in the world.

The events was organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in partnership with the International Projects Center, the National Contact Points Network , DAS Solutions and DAS Foundation.

The last editions were supported by the European Commission. Financial support granted to Moldova for participation in the HORIZON2020, GA: 2014 / 346-992,

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