METROFOOD-RI 2nd Call for Access is open now

In the frame of its Preparatory Phase Project (GA 871083 –, METROFOOD-RI launches its 2nd open call for subsiding access to its research facilities, allowing users to execute part of their research project. Projects that are well aligned with the aims of METROFOOD-RI and meet technical, scientific and ethical requirements will receive subsidised services (free-of-charge access to the facilities*).

The 2nd call is aimed to transfer knowledge and demonstrate technical solutions to industrial food business operators on how to adapt/improve food processing technology to inhibit or to minimize process contaminants (acrylamide) in bakery productsOther potential users are official food safety control agencies, policy makers, researchers, academia and students. Physical access to the experimental bakery plants of IBA ( and their associated labs. will be provided.

Deadline for application: 30 September 2020

Read more about the call here

For applying to the 2nd Open Call

* due to the COVID-19 sanitary emergency, travel to the facilities might be subject to restrictions.

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