Have your say on shaping how Horizon Europe is implemented

How should the new EU funded research and innovation programme be implemented to allow that the programme delivers on its ambitious objectives? How should the legal documents, processes and tools for Horizon Europe look like to properly support the policy objectives of the programme? Now you can share your views with the European Commission.

The design of Horizon Europe’s implementation strategy will have profound implications on the way that the new programme delivers on its ambitious objectives. We are eager to get your views on the implementation of Horizon Europe, so that it is even more accessible, efficient and successful than Horizon 2020. Based on the experience built on Horizon 2020, the lessons learned throughout the last years, Horizon Europe’s Implementation Strategy aims to further simplify and accommodate the novelties of the new programme while providing a high level of continuity.

Rules, processes, systems, documents and guidance have to be ready in time for the programme start. Legal documents, processes and tools for Horizon Europe must be developed in line and in parallel with the strategic programming process, to ensure from the start that implementation modalities properly support the policy objectives of the programme.

The co-design process inspiring Strategic planning of Horizon Europe is applied as well to the practical aspects related to programme implementation. The Commission invites anyone with an interest in this to participate in the consultation, which will close on 15 September 2019.

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