Anna Rusnac: „Participation in Science SLAM Moldova was an experience worth living for every Moldovan researcher “

Science SLAM Moldova

What motivated you to participate in an entirely new event for our country like Science SLAM Moldova?

My teacher motivated me, telling me I had an interesting subject. I worked on a project and studied cancer cells and managed to get some success. It was a challenge for me and my first outing in front of an audience, but it all came out successfully.

How difficult or simple is it for a researcher to explain in accessible terms to all, the science?

When you come out in front of an audience, you get more energy and you have more confidence in what you do. I was trying to explain to the family what I’m doing. Then, with some efforts and replacements, we succeeded in reaching a common idea. It is not very difficult, but it requires a lot of work.


How will you amaze the audience with the presentation at the Final Science Science SLAM Moldova 2016?

At the semifinal I presented the research on the anticancer molecules, in the Great Final, I will present the topic that I am investigating now “Antioxidant properties”. We need new drugs because the environment is becoming more aggressive. I am now working on new preparations. It is only that this process involves timeless work because the synthesis of the preparations is different.

What is the main purpose of the research? How could it contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova?

The main purpose is to obtain new, biologically active substances. These drugs, if they have good antioxidant results, can be marketed.

What message do you have for those who have not come yet to Science SLAM Modova?

I would propose to all people who are interested in science to come to the Great Final of Science Science SLAM Moldova to learn about the innovations in different fields. Everything will be explained to everyone, and other events of this kind are not organized in the country. I think people should come to the event to be closer to science and learn something new, innovative and exciting.

Interview by Irina Odobescu

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