Denis Roșca: „Taking into account that we are ranked 11th in the world by the level of IQ, we have to show real indicators, because the truth of things is questionable”

Denis Rosca, Science SLAM IQ

What motivated you to participate in an entirely new event for our country like Science SLAM Moldova?

I see the continuity of things, by winning Science SLAM, I will gain the theoretical right to represent Moldova. The theme I chose for the final is: “Moldova’s contribution to humanity”. I will present many scientists in our country who have discoveries and innovations that are used internationally. Did you know, for example, that anti-gas mask inventors originated in Prut-Dniester?

How difficult or simple is it for a researcher to explain in accessible terms to all, the science?

Einstein said, “If you can not explain the thing you are doing to make a six-year-old child understand you, that means you do not really understand what you’re doing. This is the most conclusive answer. “

A treia semifinala Science SLAM

How will you amaze the audience with the presentation at the Grand Final Science SLAM Moldova?

I will present our countries scientists. I will come up with concrete examples of their inventions that are used internationally, such as extinguisher, anti-gas mask, helicopter, mobile electrocardiogram. I want to believe that they will awaken more respect for our country.

What is the main purpose of the research? How could it contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova?

We internationally do not have to be perceived only as wine producers, but also by intellectual capabilities. It’s good when people read. It is very important that more people have access to information. Taking into account that we are ranked 11th in the world, we have to show real indicators, because the truth of things is questionable.

What message do you have for those who have not come to any Science SLAM Modova Edition?

Science SLAM Moldova is a unique event for our country. Here you find new and useful information. Moreover, every visitor can become the protagonist in a similar book like the Bessarabian and Moldovan Gold Books. I really do not see any barrier to doing so. Ambitions are many, competition and capabilities too, so everything is possible. Our country suffers from a crisis of national conception – who are Moldovans? That’s why you come to the Great Science Science SLAM and you will certainly hear the answer to this question.

Interview by Irina Odobescu

Cartea de Aur la Science SLAM Moldova

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