Come to the Great Final of Science SLAM and decide who will be winning research of 2016

Because the end of 2016 is coming, it’s time to make the totals. For 12 months we tracked and voted the most interesting researches in the Republic of Moldova, and now we have to decide which one is the best. Come on December 13 at 18:00 at Draft Arena (Dacia Blvd., 35) and spend two hours with the greatest science event in Moldova.

Find out from Science SLAM Moldova finalists Anna Rusnac, Marin Podubnii and Denis Rosca:

  • Why do we need biologically active substances?
  • How will ICT change the way we do agriculture?
  • Who are the greatest inventors of Bessarabian origin from all over the world?

Science SLAM Moldova is a contest where researchers present their own projects in a simpler and original way. They have only 10 minutes to explain the outcome of their own activity. The purpose of the event is to inform all the curious people about what is new and interesting in science in the Republic of Moldova.

We are waiting for you on December 13 at 6 pm at Draft Arena (Dacia Blvd., 35). Make your day special and informative ! Decide who will be the Great Finalist of Science SLAM Moldova 2016.

The event is organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in partnership with the European Commission, International Projects Center and DAS Solutions.

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