Science SLAM Moldova -Innovation and fun for one evening

A very special event took place on October 19 at The Crown Club. Researchers, presentations, experiments with balloons, poetry and notorious personalities – all of them covered by coffee aroma and good mood. The contest Science  SLAM Moldova aims to promote science and innovation in a simple and accessible way for everyone. At the current edition the audience admired the research of the participants: Olga Migalatiev, Iulia Iaţco and Denis Rosca.

Have you ever thought that the process of tomato processing can take the form of a poem? Olga Migalatiev has demonstrated that the recovery of waste from food processing is useful and can be used as an ingredient in the production of foods and not only. Listening to the story of tomatoes written and presented by Olga, I understood how the processing of the debris of this vegetable can reduce the amount of products trapped in the trash.


Can a researcher use balloons to demonstrate what his innovation is? Iulia Iaţco was the one who opted for a different method of explaining what nanorobots present in cells. Thus, Slammer explained, in LEGO format, how some cell-level processes are being formed.


What was the contribution of Basarabians to global events and processes? The author of “The Golden Book of Bessarabia” was the one who conquered the audience at this edition. “The potential of the population of the Republic of Moldova is enormous and that is why the personalities of this book come to confirm and motivate people to trust their own forces. Who would have thought the first mayor of Tel Aviv originated in Telenesti? We have to believe in us. I am happy and surprised to have won! “Said Denis Rosca, the third semifinalist of Science SLAM Moldova.


“I did not think that such events were organized in the Republic of Moldova and I was surprised to find that this is already the 7th edition. I wish them success to the organizers and participants in the December edition, “said Mădălina Opinca, one of the visitors.




The Science SLAM Moldova event makes science and innovation closer and more accessible to society. The contest highlights the research and work of people in science and innovation. In the Republic of Moldova the competition is organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in partnership with the International Projects Center, the National Contact Points Network for the H2020 and DAS Solutions.

Report by Irina Odobescu



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