At Science SLAM he has won a book about the Moldovans who have become famous in history

On the 19th of October at The Crown Pub took place the third semifinal of Science SLAM Moldova. Three Slammeri took part in the current edition in the following areas: history, biology and food industry. At the third final, public applause was for Denis Rosca.

Denis Roșca, câștigătorul Science SLAM Moldova 7

The author of “The Golden Book of Bessarabia and the Republic of Moldova”, Denis Rosca presented to the visitors notorious personalities from all over the world, who have their roots in the Prut-Dniester space. The work was aimed at motivating the new generation and strengthening the confidence in the future of the Republic of Moldova.

“Everyone can do history, just show interest and dedication to the work they have done. Today it was a rather difficult competition with exciting themes. With great pleasure, I listened to the Slammer’s presentations. I was surprised to have won, “said Denis Rosca, the third semifinalist of Science SLAM Moldova.


About Science SLAM Moldova

Science SLAM Moldova is the event that promotes researchers and innovations in the Republic of Moldova. “This year we had a special Science SLAM, thanks to the participants in various research fields. The projects were different, but at the same time complex and studied very thoroughly. We are very pleased that researchers at each Science SLAM competition manage to conquer the audience and perhaps even inspire them, “said Daniel Todercan, co-organizer, DAS Solutions.

Press release by Irina Odobescu.


Science SLAM Moldova este o platformă de comunicare ce promovează o discuţie liberă a vizitatorilor cu cercetătorii. Schimbul de informaţie fiind foarte accesibil, deoarece se recurge la un limbaj simplu. Evenimentu este organizat de Academia de Ştiinţe a Moldovei în parteneiat cu Comisia Europeană, Centru Proiecte Internaţionale şi DAS Solutions.


Science SLAM Moldova is a communication platform that promotes a free discussion of visitors with researchers. The exchange of information is very accessible, as simple language is used. The event is organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in partnership with the European Commission, International Projects Center and DAS Solutions.


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