Aims & Objectives of the Foundation


Promoting digital culture.

Improving the profile and image of the Moldovan ICT industry in the country and international markets.

Supporting young people in developing ICT capabilities and using them in different areas.

Continuing training in ICT.


Increasing R&D capacity, fostering cooperation between research-development-innovation institutions and enterprises.

Developing Innovation and Technology Transfer Networks with the involvement of the business and academic environment.

Promoting and engaging in RDI activities.

Collaboration with specialists, institutions and bodies both in the country and abroad to develop specialized relationships, aiming at improving the activity and aligning with international standards.


Developing new skills needed in a national and international business environment.

Creating investment opportunities for ICT businesses in Moldova.

 What we can offer :

What we can offer :

DAS Foundation is a non-profit organisation with mission to promote the principles of a knowledge-based society. Our activities focus on two primary goals: bridging the gap between innovative ideas and their implementation, and using ICT solutions for tackling the challenges of the modern society.


Moldovan Technology Transfer Network
Moldovan Technology Transfer Network

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